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Every client partnership begins with
DRS becoming an integral part of the client company's goals and strategies. Every client program is built on DRS' 4 Pillars of Strength --
Ethics, Technology,
Commitment and Vision.

From the President

As you explore this site, you will not only learn more about DRS, our products and services, you will learn more about the qualities that set us apart.

Qualities that weren’t manufactured by our marketing people... qualities that are the result of what we learned over the years from our clients. How they see us, why they work with us, what attracted them to us and why they stay with us.

After assembling the information, we distilled it down to four main qualities -- Vision... Commitment... Technology and... Ethics. All of which, we’ve been told numerous times over the years benefit our clients in innumerable ways.

As you continue to learn more about DRS, you will learn more about the way we provide value for our clients. And you don't have to wait until our first meeting. Just look to your right to get started. A summary of what we call our 4 Pillars of Strength and the impact they've had on the industries and clients we’ve served over the past 31 years.

With appreciation,    


Rick McQuade    


The DRS Business Plan was the first document drafted when we started out in 1985. The second? The DRS Code of Ethics. Running DRS well and running it honestly were our first two priorities. And to this day, they're still the rules we live by. It's been said that water seeks its own level. Perhaps that's the reason over the years we have worked primarily with companies worldwide in regulated industries. They fit perfectly within our "play by the rules" work ethic and over all philosophy.

It has in fact become our corporate positioning, to wit: Because it all begins with regulatory compliance, the performance of the software we develop and maintain as well as the services we provide must follow suit. So you see, our client partnership successes have always been founded in large part on our unwavering adherence to our Code of Ethics.

Clients have frequently witnessed and commented on it, citing our constant personal contact, ongoing auditing of our products and services, and compliance benchmarks. Trust in a relationship helps to maintain the core strength of the relationship, and this is one of the strengths of our organization. Another is, of course, our leading edge technology.


While our code of ethics is at the core of our unmovable bedrock foundation, the technology software we develop, offer and maintain is ever changing.

Together they satisfy client requirements and are largely responsible for our record of client longevity.

For example, our mobile application PharmaSync©, patented in 2005, today provides the back-bone for our multi-channel marketing software. It is truly a testament to our development proficiency.


But delivering state of the art technology doesn't end with implementation. DRS always takes into account migration strategies. Allowing our clients to satisfy regulatory guidelines on all tracking systems and monitoring critical data associated with product sampling as well as the clinical study data.

In this case, "commitment" begins with th letters "D & B", our first client back in 1985 and still with us almost 32 years later! We are obviously very proud of our Dun & Bradstreet relationship as it is an honor and a testament to how well DRS services and products are configured. We are an extension of their commitment to excellence in servicing their own clients.

Overall, we are committed to be the best servicing arm for our partners no matter what the task. Many of these services include direct contact with their partners and customers. Nothing is more important to us than delivering the highest level of commitment to our partners.


As in many cases, one size doesn't always fit all. As a developer, DRS can either tailor an "off-the-shelf" product or develop a completely new iteration.

Our three-decades plus experience enables us to develop products and services that can actually fill in the blanks for any organization and their particular situation or corporate strategy. Agile software development and forward thinking integration methods help our client partners to realize their goals no matter how difficult they may seem.

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