From document capture to online presentment, Document Management the way it was meant to be.

Successful companies know information is a valuable business asset and they manage it accordingly. And since 1985, many of those companies have partnered with Data Reduction Systems for conversion, archival and retrieval services -- protecting and optimizing the value of those assets. Product innovation and customer service satisfaction have firmly established DRS as a leader in document management.


Document Image Processing

Over the past 30 years, Data Reduction Systems has developed the expertise, software and services to satisfy even the most technically demanding jobs, including high-volume document scanning conversions.

Frequently, large legacy paper conversions are required to preserve the historical retention of important records. Our reputation has been built on completing these in short time frames and at high quality levels.

Applying DRS ClientsFirst consultation, our first objective is to determine the optimum path for providing best in class service. Options for production, either at the DRS facility or on premise at customer locations, are reviewed.

Quality control is initiated at the production phase through to final output to confirm the accuracy and integrity of the archived data.

Paper and other materials receive post-production resolution concerning their return. Some materials are returned, some go into archival storage and the rest shredded after scanning.

Once electronic documents are submitted and prior to them being uploaded to the document repository, they are sent directly to the work queue for the DRS professional services staff to review and attribute.

• Outsource production services for corporate document management

• Process strategies and services for regulatory applications

• Competency in high volume conversions using state of the art scanning hardware

• Automated data capture using bar code technology and OCR

• Full data entry processing center and quality assurance department to monitor output

• Web hosted applications for retrieval of converted paper and electronic records


Easy, Fast, Low-cost Customization. The DRS website design approach means custom-
ization is fast and easy. There is no need to change thousands of lines of code to incorporate a client's "one-off" requirements.

Zero Resource Implementation Solution. We use a non-proprietary SaaS application to make the system simple to install. This makes our solution the only verifiable "zero resource" implementation for our clients.

Highest Level of Security. DRS applications offer the highest level of security, authorization, authentication and permissions. In fact, our document encryption is more robust than most clients require to comply with privacy requirements at their highest implementation levels.

Significant Cost Savings. The DRS workflow products and services offer significant savings compared to competitive products. Our web-based solution means:

• No capital investment for hardware or software

• No licensing of application software or user seats

• Reduced implementation effort by the customer

• Unlimited access and content distribution

• Reduced costs via outsourcing non-core activities

DRS Service Options. All phases of a project conversion - preparation, scanning, indexing, PDF conversion, OCR/ICR, etc. - are done by Data Reduction Systems, the client or a combination of the two. We work with the client to identify what works best for them.

Software Solutions

DRS DocuMentality is a suite of software applications and services covering consultation, workflow, document and e-form capture, process integration, and document retrieval.

Available as a web-based mobile app using HTML5, DRS DocuMentality solutions have consistently reduced operating, overhead and staffing costs for numerous financial, legal, human resources, clinical data management, and other departments over the years.

Since 1985, DRS has systematically developed and branded a number of stand alone products for individual or modular applications, e.g., DRS Web ImagView and DRS 360 Plus, an automated, e-form capture solution based on DRS' patented PharmaSync® 5.0 technology.

Today, utilizing automatic information capture, electronic web-based forms (e-Forms) are disseminated faster, easier, more securely and less costly than ever before. Paper documents are eliminated, data integrity is vastly improved and since it is basically a software option that fully integrates with any back-end system, the transitioning could not be any easier.

Custom Solutions. DRS develops custom software solutions for most any client-specific requirement. Following methodologies honed over thirty years, DRS works with its clients to help define and plan the project and then design and develop the software to fit those exact criteria.

Document Retrieval

DRS Web ImagView is a SaaS solution that converts documents to digital format, and then archives, indexes, and provides simultaneous, real-time access to multiple archived images regardless of format or source. Think of it as a huge, off-site, completely secure repository of every document ever produced by your organization.

DRS Web ImagView allows you to leverage your investment in IT and the Web in many ways.

It is scalable, allowing you to begin on a small-scale, such as in a standalone department, and migrate, as needed, toward a broad-based workflow application for your entire company.

It is available as Software as a Services (SaaS), allowing you to utilize the most robust retrieval and document management system without the upfront expense of developing, acquiring, and then managing multiple departments and applications with a large IT investment.

• No client-side software
• Rapid deployment
• Standard PC and browser
• Unlimited users
• Flexibility for growth
• Disaster recovery
• 24/7/365 access
• Remote retrieval
• Scalable
• Easy to use
• Cost-effective